how long does it take to get into ketosis

When our body generates energy by burning stored fats instead of carbohydrates and creating ketones, this whole procedure is called ketosis.

Ketosis is a unique kind of metabolic process in which the stored fats of our body burn. Normally, our body takes two to ten days to get adjusted to the ketosis metabolic process.  

Generally, our body gets stamina from carbohydrates. But when we took carbs more than our necessity, it stored in our bodies. This process is called Glycogenesis. When it reaches its limit, our liver fails to balance insulin hormone and then it may cause obesity, diabetes and other diseases.  Our body produces energy by burning carbohydrates but in ketosis, we are not allowed to take more than 10% carbohydrates. That’s why our body uses stored carbs and fats for producing energy and helps to control our body weight, diabetes and other obesity-related issues. People often call it the keto diet, low carb diet and so on.

Here we will discuss how long it takes to get into ketosis, symptoms of ketosis, the eating components and the schedule, the advantages and disadvantages of ketosis, how long one can follow a keto diet,  whether it is good or bad for our health etc. 

How to get into ketosis fast 

As ketosis is an idle process and also very unique that’s why our body may need some time to adjust to the ketosis process. It may take two to ten days. As our body is used to taking high carbs with less amount of fats and proteins. The ketosis process is the opposite of the normal metabolic process that’s why our body needs time. Here our body has to consume 70% fats with low carbs. 

But by fasting and doing several exercises we can easily get into ketosis a bit faster. First of all, we have to practice it by decreasing carbohydrates in our daily meals. Then after three or four days, we might get into this process. Then for getting into it faster we have to do some exercises at least for one hour per day. We can go for a walk daily in the morning or evening. It helps our body to burn stored carbs and fats. 

The eating components and the schedule of keto diet

Normally a man needs 1,500 calories and a woman needs 1,200 calories per day. But when he/she is following the keto diet, they have to take only 10% or fewer carbohydrates, 20%  of proteins and 70% of fats.  During keto, one is not allowed to take all kinds of foods. Some elements of foods are prohibited in this diet. These are – sugar, processed foods, sweet fruits, soft drinks, alcohol etc. 

Those Who want to follow a keto diet can have green vegetables, as green vegetables contain a low amount of carbs. They can have eggs, nuts, butter, and other fats. Among proteins, they can have chickens, fish etc. One can not get into this process suddenly. First of all, their body has to adjust to taking in low carbs and high fats. It is a slow process. It may take seven to eight days to adjust to the keto diet. 

For breakfast, one can take four or three eggs, a cup of nuts roasted with butter and cucumbers. For lunch, one or two pieces of fish or chicken, vegetables and eggs. During dinner, one can prefer eggs or chicken, vegetables and nuts. All the foods have to be processed with olive oil or avocado oil. 

How to know if you are in ketosis and symptoms of ketosis

If someone is in ketosis then certainly he/she will lose some weight. It may cause both lengthy and quick-term processes. First, they will lose the water weight of the body then if they stick to follow the keto diet, will lose genuine body weight. 

Ketosis may cause terrible breaths which are not ideal for daily life. Though it is a kind of symptom of ketosis. Keto diet diminishes hunger and then someone can keep the long day fasting. 

Another symptom of ketosis is, it expands the ketones in the blood. It can easily be monitored by the ketone body test of blood and urine.  Ketosis increases the stamina of the body and the focus of the brain. It also may cause insomnia and indigestion issues. Generally, these all are the main symptoms of ketosis. 

Ketosis and weight loss 

The Keto diet is a very popular method of losing weight very fast. Though at the very beginning keto diet used to be used only to support children with epileptic seizures. But now it has become a quick weight loss process. In ketosis, the body uses fats to manufacture energy. Stored fats and carbs got to burn to produce energy. In this way, we lose weight and stay fit by ketosis. 

Products to help you get into ketosis fast: 

As ketosis is a popular method of losing weight, there are many products around us that help us get into ketosis fast. Keto powder is a kind of powder which helps our body to adjust with sudden metabolic changes. Then comes keto collagen with medium-chain triglycerides oil. It helps us to reduce our hunger and stick to keto diet.  

There are many keto powders and MCT oils in the market that belong to many companies. You can choose your preferred one from these products. These may not taste so good but definitely, you’ll get help with these products.

Why does ketosis take some people longer than others? :

 If someone is taking more than 10% carbs in the daily meal then it may take a long time to get into ketosis. Taking fats less than 70 percent in meals is another reason. Eating too much protein such as more than three pieces of chicken and more than four pieces of fish per day may take someone a long time to get into it. Also by taking a lot of protein may cause kidney diseases as it produces a huge amount of ketone bodies. 

How long one should be in ketosis

Ketosis is the opposite process of normal metabolism. For this reason, one should not follow this process for more than 3 months at a time. After 3 months, they can take a break for 15 days.  If it is needed more than they can follow this process again.  But it would be better if one goes through ketosis by the instructions of a professional nutritionist or a doctor. 

How to complete a successful ketosis journey  

It is very easy to complete a keto diet. The one and the only rule is to follow the diet rules strictly and have stick to them with patience. One must have to do one hour of exercise regularly, have to avoid high carbs and have to take high fats, and the amount of protein intake should strictly be monitored. As things take time so we should give our body much time to adjust to the ketosis process.

Health benefits of ketosis 

In recent years, most people are following the keto diet to be fit and healthy. The benefits of ketosis are many. As in the process of ketosis, the body uses fats for eliciting energy that’s why those who follow it get slimmer and fit. It is extremely helpful for those who have epilepsy. It decreases the threat of heart diseases, improves skin and increases bone density.

But it is not suitable for all because this metabolic process stimulates ketones. Excessive exposition of ketones in the body is very harmful. It may cause some kidney diseases. That’s why the keto diet is surely not for all.  

Final words

Ketosis is an excellent method to keep our bodies fit and healthy. With proper use of rules, it may convey a great change in our body parts. It decreases the risk of various heart diseases, improves our skin, makes us healthy and fit, decreases obesity related issues and so on. 

It is really an amazing process to keep us fit. Though it has some health risks also but if proper rules are applied then it won’t bring any issues.


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