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10 Proven Tips: How To Have a Healthy Relationship

how to have a healthy relationship

Love is arguably the foundation of any relationship, but did you know that it takes more than love to have a happy, satisfying, and healthy relationship? While it is not possible to maintain a “100 percent perfect” relationship, you can try to have a healthy one-one that makes you feel good about yourself.

Turns out, most relationships start going south when one or both partners stop trying. Remember, those honeymoon days where you do everything possible to impress your partner will not last for a decade. Those butterflies in your stomach will start to fade, and that is when your relationship will start going south.

Do you want to feel connected and loved by your partner? Here are the tips on how to have a healthy relationship;

1. Do Not Hold Grudges and Avoid Passing Blames

While forgiveness is an essential aspect of life, it is also a pillar in relationships. If you are a person who holds grudges, you could destroy your relationship. Often times, it is not the big things that end relationships; a bunch of small things can destroy your relationship completely.

Everyone makes mistakes, and if you cannot forgive your partner even after they have apologized, you are going to find a rough time ever living a healthy relationship.

On the other hand, you should learn to say sorry when you do something wrong. If you cannot accept your mistakes, your partner will feel that they are always to blame, which should not be the case. A relationship is not a competition; don’t be afraid to lose a few couples here and there.

2. Keep It Sexy

Over time, we tend to forget the spark that makes our relationships extraordinary. Think of how you can increase the behaviors that you find sexy while limiting those you don’t. “Sexy,” in this case, is not only limited to the bedroom, but it also includes what excites you in your day-to-day lives.

Does she find it sexy when you cook for her? Does she find it sexy watching movies with you? Talk about likes and dislikes. Be humored; be amazed.

3. Healthy Communication

Open and honest communication is an instrumental part of any health and happy relationship. Understanding your partner’s needs and expectations can move your relationship a notch higher.

You do not need magic to know what your fiance & partner need – chances are they have told you. It would be best if you are a good listener to achieve effective communication.

Remember, knowing your needs and those of your partner can help you to actively work to meet them. By this, you will get more happiness, passion, trust, and love.

4. Always Use “WE” Instead of “I.”

According to research, couples who use the word “we” when communicating are three times more likely to have a healthy relationship compared to their counterparts who use the words “I,” “you,” and “me.”

Frankly, “we” is a game-changer – it creates a collaborative mindset that makes you more generous and loving. Also, you must allow your partner to air their views without intimidation.

5. Develop Trust

Everyone would agree that a relationship without trust is as good as dead. Trust is a subset of respect, and these two aspects create a platform for interaction and growth.

Can you trust your partner to back you up when you are not at your best? If you know that, the odds are that you will comfortably invest everything in the relationship with a guarantee that your partner will not judge you no matter what.

6. Do Not Take Things Personally

Apparently, some things are not about you. Do not take the small fights too far. Remember, constant battles can be overwhelming; they slowly kill your relationship.

7. Open and Honest Discussions 

Always be communicating openly and honestly – even on difficult topics – is not self-evident for everyone. Many people have learned to avoid difficult conversations to avoid hassle and not ruin the perfect picture.

When you can conversation openly and honestly, your relationship strengthens. After all, you know each other’s feelings and needs. This way you can investigate how you can connect them and grow further together a long time.

So it’s very important to have discussions openly and honestly, no need always agree as long as you work on it together.

8. Affection and Interest

Love and trust is obviously a requirement in a love relationship, but from this love too? And how do you express your affection and interest? Also you need to know about your love languages. There are some different love languages to build a healthy relationship. Are you aware of the language you need to speak in love or relationship?

Perhaps you prefer to give compliments while your partner is happy with hugs and does not value all those sweet words. There is no right or wrong in this as long as you are provided for your needs.

9. Individuality and Boundaries

When you are in a relationship, always meet and talk is very common for you. Also it’s very nice to enjoy each other all the time. If that is the case, nothing wrong here. But if that continues in the long term, there is a chance that you will become in some way dependent on each other and merge. Do you do all those things because you like it or because your partner wants it so much?

Don’t forget to do the things that matter to you. When you feel good and spend enough time on yourself! You will automatically be a better partner in your relationship. You love each other, trust each other, but don’t need each other. Always remember that in a healthy relationship similarities are welcome, but the differences are also respected.

10. Respect

how to have a healthy relationship friends

Respect each other’s! It may sound obvious but it is an indispensable part of a healthy relationship. Both are need to respecting yours loved one’s family, as well as faith and friends. You are also be respectful in how you talk to each other.

Also be careful about each other choices, celebration and mode seriously and do not speak disparagingly. Always remember that if once you have lost respect, it is a long way to rebuild it.


We all know that it is not easy to maintain a healthy relationship without putting effort into it. But, if you understand your partner’s needs and expectations, you can take your relationship to a whole new level. Needless to say, no conflict should go unresolved. Unresolved problems are likely to reappear, and they are likely to cause more harm to your relationship.

A healthy relationship can bring the best out of you, and with the tips mentioned above, you are going to have a rewarding relationship than ever.


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