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How to Get Rid of Oily Hair: Greasy Hair

how to get rid of oily hair

Oily hair is actually a problem that many people suffer from, but believe it or not, there are different types of solutions to this problem. In this post we are going to know how to get rid of oily hair.

Oily hair prevents hair from looking shiny, clean, loose, silky and full of volume so it’s a problem that should be solved. However, grease is responsible for preventing dryness and protecting the skin and scalp, but there are different ways to protect and improve the health of your hair.

For you to be able to solve this problem it is very important that your hair washing routine is adequate.

Below is a list of tips to help you avoid greasy hair and improve your hair’s health.

Oilier Hair Reasons & How to Get Rid of Oily Hair:

1. Avoid Heat

Believe it or not, heat is actually one of the main causes of this problem. In the summer you are more likely to have more oil in your hair, due to the increased perspiration, and because your scalp is in direct contact with the sun.

So, you should avoid heat, and of course, it’s highly recommended that you avoid contact with the sun. Heat even stimulates the production of the sebaceous glands.

And not only that, this problem also occurs when you frequently use your hair dryer, and shower water at high temperatures. If you want to improve the health of your scalp, you should bathe with warm water, wear hats, and avoid using the hair dryer.

2. Some Birth Control Pills are Harmful to Your Hair

Most importantly, it is important to stress that both hormones and birth control pills can wreak havoc on your scalp.

Specifically if you are a woman and take birth control pills, believe it or not, hormones can seriously damage your hair health. So, if at any time your hair becomes greasier, then you should stop using the pills.

The main reason is that certain birth control pills can increase and stimulate the production of sebum, which is a lipid substance whose function is to lubricate the surface of the skin.

3. Improper Washing or Lack of Washing

oily hair shampoo

It is very important to keep in mind that some hair products are harmful to hair health. In addition, using products made with many chemicals is also harmful to your hair health.

Also, using a lot of shampoos or hair conditioners are irritating and also affect the pH of the scalp. All these products can stimulate the secretion of the sebaceous glands.

However, not only are hair products part of the problem, but also improper hair washing as well as lack of washing, all of which affect our hair health, especially when it is too hot.

4. Don’t Brush Your Hair When It’s Dry

Many people tend to brush their hair when it’s dry, and that’s really a serious problem. You can even seriously affect your hair health and contribute to excessive hair loss if you brush your hair when it’s dry.

All the grease and dirt from your hands will get into your hair and make it more greasy, even massages can make your hair greasy too. So, this only serves to increase the oiliness.

It is highly recommended that you don’t brush your hair before going to sleep, and you should also use the right hairbrushes, the most recommended being the natural bristle brush. And don’t forget to constantly clean your hairbrush.

5. No Massage or Hair Touching

It is common when we are bored, for example, to touch our hair and that is not good if it is very greasy. If you’re nervous or anxious, don’t curl your hair , for example.

Because all the grease and dirt from the hands will go to the hair and make it more oily.

Massages can also make your hair oily. Of course, if you enjoy massages or have any condition for which your doctor has recommended them, do not stop going to them.

Just keep in mind that continuous handling of the hair can increase its oiliness.

6. Genetic or Hormonal Factors

Genetic or hormonal also a great factors for oily hair. The tendency to oily hair could be hereditary in some cases.

Hormonal changes that occur in some stages of life, such as pregnancy , puberty or menstruation, can also make hair greasy due to increased sebaceous production.

7. Very Straight or Fine Hair

If the hair is too fine, it does not use all the secreted fat, depositing the excess on the surface. Because its proven that each strand of hair has two or three sebaceous glands that moisturize or irrigate it.

Home Remedies For Oily Hair

You already know the reasons why hair gets greasy, let’s now see how to remove grease from hair with some natural recipes:

1. Lemon Juice

lemon juice

This is an incredible remedy that will help you avoid hair greasiness. And it really is a totally natural and homemade remedy that is very easy to prepare.

You simply squeeze the juice from two lemons and then mix it with two cups of distilled water. Then, you should put the mixture in a container, and after you wash your hair you should make a last rinse using this mixture.

You should also leave the mixture on your head for five minutes, and then rinse with plenty of water. You should also keep in mind that it is not advisable to prepare this remedy every day, because the lemon juice can stain the skin.

2. Horse Tail

Boil a cup of distilled water, add two tablespoons of dried horsetail leaves and pour the water into a glass jar. Let stand fifteen minutes and strain it into a plastic container. Leave it in the bathroom and use it as a last rinse and it will show you the great way how to get rid of oily hair.

3. Yolk

Take few drops of lemon juice in a bowl and mix two egg yolks with it. Apply after bathing, with hair still wet. Leave it like this for a few minutes and then rinse. Remember that lemon can stain your scalp. Do it once a week.

4. Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is very good for removing oil from your hair. When you finish washing, mix warm water with a stream of vinegar in a container and pour it over your hair as the last rinse. You will find that this recipe will leave your hair shiny.


Finally, it is important to highlight all these tips that will help you avoid hair greasiness and get the answer how to get rid of oily hair!

As mentioned before, greasy hair can lead to different problems and if you want to have shiny, clean and flawless hair, you must remove the excessive oil from your hair.

Remember, proper hair washing is essential to get rid of excess oil from your hair, but you must also maintain and improve your hair’s health.

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