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How Long Does it Take to Build Muscle [Ultimate Guide]

how long does it take to build muscle

One question that people ask a lot when it comes to building muscle is how long it takes to build muscle. How many tissues can be built up, and at what time? I want to deal with this question in this article. Interestingly, the question of how long it takes to build muscle is asked for various reasons. Men can usually not go fast enough, and they want to know how much is possible without using (illegal) aids.

Women, on the other hand, are often afraid that it could happen too quickly. They quickly fear to look “too masculine” when they start strength training.

How Long Does it Take to Build Muscle

To get to the bottom of this, I have tips that I hope will be of much help. Depending on how good your framework conditions are, it may take a few years longer. For example, if you trained poorly for the first three years, fed yourself poorly and slept far too little, you may have only built up a total of 12 kg of muscle mass.

If you start doing everything right now, you won’t start at year four but actually in year two. Likewise, other rules apply if you have already built up muscle mass and then lost it again.

And what about the muscle-building time in women? In his model for women, Lyle McDonald assumes that they can build about half as many muscles like men. As a woman, you don’t have to worry about looking like the Hulk after a few months in the gym.

Besides, women usually start with less muscle than men. Of course, it is always a question of disposition and where you start, also with women.

What Factors You Can Influence to Speed Up Your Muscle Building:

1) The Right Training

Proper muscle building training primarily includes the correct training principle (primarily hypertrophy training ), the right training frequency. You should also have a good, tailored training plan. It is up to you whether split training or whole-body training is better. However, every muscle building training plan should be based on more complex exercises.

2) Construction and Genes

The influence of physique and other genetic factors is often ignored by athletes setting their goals. Unwise, because this can make a big difference! After all, not every body produces new tissue as easily.

If try some steps you can build muscle easily, but also gain weight more easily. Generally are not likely to get too fat, but they are not likely to gain more muscle mass. You will have to take this into account when planning. For example, hormone levels and bone building are genetically determined influences that you simply cannot do much about.

3) Proper Nutrition

how long does it take to build muscle nutrition

If you do not eat enough or do not eat the right one, then you will slow down your muscle-building tremendously. The correct mass phase of the diet with excess calories is, therefore, mandatory if you want to build muscle quickly. I recommend about 500 kcal above your daily consumption as a guide. It is also essential that you consume enough protein. Such consists of amino acids that your body needs to build muscle.

4) Adequate Breaks

Compliance with break times is often underestimated. However, that can make a huge difference in your muscle-building duration. Therefore, follow the recommendations for the right breaks between sets in strength training. And of course, it is also essential that you do not train too often. Your muscles need time to regenerate. There is daily exercise counterproductive

5) Good Enough Sleep

Don’t underestimate the topic of sleep! A good night’s sleep is essential for your regeneration. For both physical, mental as well as psychological. For this, try always to sleep adequately. If you find it difficult, find out how you can sleep healthier and better. This is probably my biggest stumbling block, on which I have worked a lot and work again and again.

6) Drink Enough Water

You should drink at least 2-3 liters of water a day. If you do sports, then you add another liter every hour of exercise. Most don’t even know they don’t drink enough. However, a lack of water has a direct negative effect on muscle building. So, make sure you are always well-hydrated. Such is also very good for your mental performance.

7) Proper Sleeping

how long does it take to build muscle sleep

If want to build your muscle quickly it will become very difficult if you do not sleep enough and do not maintain a good work-rest ratio. So make sleeping is one of the most priority to how long does it take to build muscle. The amount of sleep you need varies from person to person. In general, you have had enough sleep when you wake up rested.

Sleep is very important because your body recovers at night on sleeping. So that if have a proper sleep then your body and mind can start a hard workout and working day well prepared.

8) Age and Experience

Finally, the speed at which you produce muscle tissue is determined by your age and how long you have been doing strength training. First of all, younger athletes grow faster and easier than older ones. When you are even younger, your body produces more testosterone, together with other hormones that promote muscle growth.

Experience is also an important factor. As we mentioned above, progress will level off as you work longer. For beginners, any weight for the body is an incentive. Starting strength athletes will therefore go considerably faster than strength athletes who have been active for years.

Conclusion On The Duration of Muscle Building

Muscle building takes time, but it is worthwhile, and you can make progress that is well worth seeing. There are some factors that you can actively influence to get the most out of it. If you stick to these rules, you will also exploit your potential.

Patience is key when it comes to any kind of exercise. In the beginning of the training, muscle building may seem like a lot of work but as time goes by the body adapts.



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