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Best Breakfast For Energy in This Quarantine Days

best breakfast for energy

Eating habits were among the first customs with which confinement was swept away. Options to awaken the palate without neglecting nutrition. Now whole world facing a crisis times, most of the people are in quarantine, we are going to know about best breakfast for energy in this quarantine times.

That first moment of the day, which for many was a succession of runs from the front door to the office, the boys’ school or the faculty, has now turned into a long morning that, in many cases, is close to noon.

And those breakfasts lightly with a coffee half, a cereal bar at the kiosk or some mates with toast on the desktop, succulent banqueting Become Sound in fats, carbohydrates and sugars took over the table.

Because isolation, lack of activity and excess responsibilities compacted for whole weeks between the same walls must be channeled with something, and food, that which produces satiety and satisfies anxiety, is usually the first thing we have at hand.

Permanent attacks on the fridge, the cupboards and other compartments which are usually stored foods are a focal point of family life. Whether it is because you are bored, anxious, sad, or wanting to do something, eating is usually a way of coping with time.

Best Breakfasts For Energy to Start Your Day:

“If you add to that, in addition, a disordered intake from the morning, we will have a day full of harmful options for health that later, in addition, will generate anguish over bad eating and remorse and general discomfort towards oneself.

Not to mention the conditions that might take shape or worsen as cholesterol, diabetes and obesity “refer from the team DIM Nutrition Health Centers.

So, starting by ordering and “detoxifying” stomach awakenings and emotions, suggests a good way to go through a quarantine as healthy as possible.

“Our day does not have to be like this, much less from the morning,” says the specialist, and offers a list of the ways quick, delicious and super simple options to start the day with a healthy and energetic breakfast . They are preparations whose ingredients are available in any supermarket or local store.

Healthy Carbohydrates

Healthy carbohydrate foods is very necessary to make up for this distinction. Because not all carbohydrates actually give you energy. In order to be considered ‘healthy’, they shouldn’t cause drastic spikes in your blood sugar.

The best options include condiments, yogurt and milk or juice. These foods keep your body energized and give your brain the nutrients. It needs to make good decisions and think creatively.


A classic of light but very nutritious breakfasts is yogurt natural skim, with a portion of seasonal fruits in pieces and granola without sugar. Of course, to this morning menu you can add an infusion, ideally unsweetened.

Caffeine Yes, Croissants No

For those who cannot start the day without their dose of energizer, the alternative of coffee with milk works , but accompanied with brown rice cookies with banana slices on them. Avoid the flours and you already add the first portion of fruit of the day.

Vegan Sunrise

Nutritious and free of animal matter, Chia Pudding is a recipe worth trying beyond the type of diet you take. How do you prepare? The night before, you should leave a tablespoon of chia seeds and a handful of walnuts in 200 ml of a vegetable drink (almond milk, cashew or soy). Then in the morning, add the preferred fruits cut into pieces, since savor.

Coffee with Milk and Oatmeal Pancakes

This variant is for those who need a “strong breakfast”, since different ingredients can be added to the pancake in a free version of the base recipe. How are they made with oats? Here is a way to put them together, so that each one adds or modifies to their liking.

The night before, soak a cup of tea-sized flake oatmeal in skim milk. In the morning, step on a well-ripened small banana, add if you want an egg white, half a teaspoon of baking powder and cook on a frying pan or oven, and even in the microwave, only a minute and a half. Then it will be cooked.

It can also be made with instant oatmeal, add seeds, cinnamon, sweetener, nuts or a drop of vanilla essence. They are suitable to prepare in advance and keep in a refrigerator.

Low Fat Proteins

Best ways to take low-fat proteins! That means no fat like butter and bacon in the morning. These fatty meats cause a significant increase in cholesterol and do not give you energy, but actually the opposite. In addition, saturated fats make us slow and less able to make good decisions.

You probably know that heavy, tired feeling after a rich meal that was high in fat. That’s how you’ll feel all day when you start your day with a bacon breakfast. So choose legumes like lentils, beans, chickpeas for breakfast you’ll feel much more awake.

Nuts and Seeds

best breakfast for energy nuts and seeds

Most nuts, such as almonds, hazelnuts and cashews, are packed with nutrients, fiber and healthy fats. Also these are excellent source of protein to help you stay energized the whole day. Moreover, they are easy to take with you. Limit yourself to a handful, because nuts are also high in calories.

Pumpkin seeds are also a very good source of protein, healthy fats and fiber. It’s contain manganese, magnesium, phosphorus and zinc these all of which contribute to additional support. Also you can add them to your salad or just eat them clean and they will set you up in no time.

Sweet and Salty

For those who do not associate breakfast only with sweet options, this is a variant that will leave them well satisfied: An infusion of skim milk with instant coffee, accompanied by a toast of wholemeal bread with tomato and cheese for salt light or tofu.

Final Words

Best breakfast for energy is the ideal is to distribute them during the week to take advantage of each of the nutrients provided by the different combos. And by the way, go around the space for the bills, the puddings and the triple toasts, or at least, leave them as a treat for the weekend.

Beyond an aesthetic issue, the quality of breakfast is essential in a diet that serves to keep us healthy during the pandemic , and after it.



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